Tuesday, November 25, 2014

It's Almost Here!

The New Year is just around the corner, and do you know what that means?  LIFE BOOK 2015 is about to begin!

LB 2015 is a year of learning mixed media techniques and creating a portfolio of mixed media work that will eventually be bound into each participant's own personal journal.

This is a project led by Tamara LaPorte from Willowing Arts that in will also involve 25 special guest instructors, artists in their own right.  I'm excited to be participating and looking forward to a wonderful journey!

If I've peaked your interest and you'd like more information about LB 2015, check out the details at http://www.willowing.org/life-book-2015/.

And if you join in, look me up!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Katie Pasquini Masopust - Stitched Paintings intensive at IQF 2014

We did ALOT of painting on canvas in Katies's class! 

The intention was to use them to create a single piece -- though many of us didn't have enough time to complete a project.  That was especially true for me!  

I started by painting the two canvases below--that evolved even after these photos were taken.  The whole intention is to have a graduated background overlaid by assorted strokes/marks and fabrics. 

Then I cut out areas (squares mostly) I liked from my painted canvases. (Everyone did this.)

Next, I cut them apart and reconstructed them (see squares below).  

Even though I like these squares, there isn/t enough contrast between the two canvas paintings for a really striking effect in the deconstructed/reconstructed squares.  That IS KEY and it didn't work!

Katie has done some absolutely amazing work, and I value the learning from her class!  Her techniques are not difficult but they do require time and learning (ingredient mixing, canvas drying, etc.) and training of the eye.  

Overall, what someone plans is not necessarily going to work.  It is in the disparate differences...seeing and allowing them to be that way, and then capitalizing on combining them artistically...that results in something neat and original happening!   

Fabric Basket - Pretty Easy

This basket was made in Jane Hall's half-day course at IQF 2014.  The greatest amount of time involved in making it--was cutting and sewing the strips together.  Otherwise, it went together easily and quickly (3 hours).

These baskets are a great holiday gifting idea that you can match to family and friends' home decoration color schemes.  They're fun and useful besides.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Memories of 2014 Houston International Quilt Festival!

From Festival activities to award-winning quilts to selections from the exhibit floor at the George Brown Convention Center in Houston, the 2014 International Quilt Festival was a wonderful experience.  Enjoy some of the beautiful pieces, if you haven't seen them already, in this video short!

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

My "Forest Storm" - a Finalist at 2014 International Quilt Festival!

I'm so pleased to finally reveal my entry that was juried into this year's International Quilt Festival in Houston!  'Forest Storm' was a finalist in the Art - Abstract Small category in the International Quilt Association  (IQA) competition.  It is an honor to have been selected to have my art quilt on display.  Thank you IQA for the recognition!

I've been fortunate this year to have attended Festival which just ended earlier today.  It was a great event with stunning quilted works of art of all types.  Walking through the entrance to the exhibition in the George Brown Convention Center was a magical experience. The centerpiece of the show was a spectacular chandelier of hanging red and white quilts!

Congratulations International Quilt Festival on your Ruby Jubilee, as well as a BIG thank you to all the staff who worked tirelessly to make such a beautiful Festival come to fruition!

This post also linked to http://ninamariesayre.blogspot.com.