Sunday, May 28, 2017

The LifeBook 20 lesson was doing a layered blind contour piece. This means to draw an object on the paper while looking at the object and not looking at the paper. Sort of comes out Picasso-ish...with differences in shapes, perspective, etc. 

The layered element is another line drawing and painting of the object below the one you see that has also been painted over. The inspiration object was a decorative vintage teapot.

This piece was created through a class offered by Tamara Laporte from Willowing Arts Ltd. For more information, visit this link:

Saturday, April 29, 2017

I quickly sketched a bust at the J. Paul Getty Museum's Sketching Gallery recently.  The tools provided were charcoal and a couple of lighter colored pencils plus paper and artist's seat.  Charcoal is not my typical medium and I had some blending challenges with it as can be seen.  But the overall sketch is a kind of fun image...and has some character.

The Painting Workshop - Experience

My first intuitive painting from a recent Painting Experience workshop led by Stewart Cubley.  It was a weekend of freedom painting in terms of imagery.  There were no assignments other than to be open to painting the painting that wanted to reveal itself through each participant.

I absolutely loved the movie about Paulus Berenson, an amazing artist and philosopher, that was shown as part of the workshop.  I highly recommend it!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

This is the Week 13 lesson through Life Book 2017 led by guest instructor, Annie Hamann of South Africa.  The lesson for me involved a lot of firsts.  It was my first time using 15" x 22" there was much more room to fill up collage-wise and important decisions about face placement-- since that came first before the body and hair.

Also, it was my first time using black charcoal.  Unfortunately, the application of it (both pencils and sticks) over acrylics just wouldn't work.  I'm wondering now if I need to try 'vine' charcoal.

I also applied layers of tissue paper to create more realistic hair color and some shadow areas in the hair.

As part of the lesson, we were to incorporate some symbolism.  What I've included as symbols for  grounding are a rose-like window within a labyrinth.

I'm really curious about what others see in this project.  When you look at it, where do your eyes go first?  Where does your eye travel, if it does?  What other things do you see?  Please feel welcome to leave a comment with any observations.

This piece was created through a class offered by Tamara Laporte from Willowing Arts Ltd. For more information, visit this 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Life Book 2017 - Week 1!

This was my first week's lesson through Life Book 2017 that I was finally able to start and get to this point today.  I may do some tweaks to it in the upcoming days/weeks, as I sit with it a bit longer.  But I'm glad to have taken some time to do art work today, as I've been missing it!

This piece was created through a class offered by Tamara Laporte from Willowing Arts Ltd. For more information, visit this 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

First Week's Warm-Up from Life Book 2017!

This warm-up exercise involves writing stream of consciousness as a bottom layer, collaging followed by adding and activating watercolor crayon as a second layer, then covering that with gesso to keep building up the base leaving the top third of the page with more color/collage visibility.  Then we added our word for the year (mine is balance) plus a symbol with that word in it.  My symbol is a pair of wings with the word written as a border within them.  The number 2s at the bottom play a dual role: one is to refer to the pair (of wings) and one is to represent the word 'to'.

This piece was created through a class offered by Tamara Laporte from Willowing Arts Ltd. For more information, visit this link:

Saturday, January 14, 2017

More Book Poetry/Verse Work!

I've been working on spontaneous book page poetry today.  This is fun for me because I love words and the nuances of language.  Plus I like to wax philosophically sometimes.  Beyond that, it's really interesting to be able to work with others' writing and create something totally different than the writer's intent.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 My Art-Related Year in Review

My accomplishments for 2016:

  • Completed 20 Life Book 2016 projects
  • Made 64 Blog Posts 
  • Took San Jose Museum of Art course on textile design
  • Participated in three Creative Club project efforts 
  • Visited the Broad Museum in Los Angeles
  • Visited the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco
  • Had two pieces displayed as part of my employer's Activate! Art! project (display of employee art work)
  • Participated in the 2016 Woman Unleashed Online Retreat and completed six projects for it

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Snapshot of 2016 Life Book Work!

With 2016 about to become history, I'm feeling grateful for the work completed this year through the Life Book program!

There has been so much development and growth in my ability, and I'll be continuing it with Life Book 2017 that starts tomorrow.

Another Jenafer Art Intervention

This activity was to take a single magazine and cut out pictures that you like and create a new collage covering an entire page of background paper.  This is what I put together.

A second portion of the assignment to be completed a day later was to cull through the magazine for words that you cut out and create a poem from --- about the collage.  This is what I came up with.

wild kitchen
on an adventure to bring alive senses

what to taste?
air moving in the trees?
red maple?
gold of the oak?

all fall bounty
can produce
magic stories you can feel excite
the fantasy with
lush meals of beauty, whimsy and movement.

Result of lesson as part of 2016 Woman Unleashed Online Retreat founded, organized and facilitated by Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici.