Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Down Time

There is reason for rest!

Preparing for the show, getting it up and going, working full-time, teaching and taking classes...all at the same time...has been a bundle of stress over an extended period. For the last week (after all the major items on my plate were completed), I began a concentrated effort to de-stress. The ways in which I've done this for me include: not doing any sewing or art work, vegging in front of the TV, going to the beach, taking photographs, going to a couple shows/events, sleeping as I get tired, and doing deep belly breathing.

All this has helped, but there is still a ways to go. The lesson here is that your being will strive to elevate itself to meet your expectations/needs, and it takes energy to do that. Sometimes that energy is not what we have stored within us and it takes extra. When you live for an extended period at an energy level that is greater than your norm, it is important to recognize that you'll need an extended period for rest and recovery. I'm in that stage now.

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