Wednesday, September 25, 2019

A First!

The above photo is from the first chalk art festival that I've participated in...and it was a great day for doing so!  The 4'x4' piece was my chalk 'take' of the Telemadera piece framed by a paper background that emulates a center 3D piece...recently finished.

Little did I know how challenging this process was going to be...drawing on concrete.  It is no easy substrate to work with.  The work is hard on the back and knees with all the stooping and kneeling...but I did it.  Thankfully, my neighboring artists didn't show up until mid-day, so I was able to walk around my square (using their spaces for my footfalls) to fill in areas more easily than if I'd had to lean over the piece to do so.  I was grateful for this not so small favor.

Would I do it again?  I don't know.  To do so, I'd like to practice technique.  As it was, I didn't use water to ground the chalk and/or help with blending, and I'd like to get better at shading and highlighting in the use of chalk.  As it was, my piece generated a lot of chalk dust, and it would occasionally blow over the areas I had already filled in.  Is there anything that can be done with it?  Not I left it where it fell.  I wonder if others who've done this for a while have tips for dealing with this.

Glad I've had my first experience doing this, even if it's only this one time.  Plus, I loved seeing the works of others in which there were some really nice works!

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Product Find

Recently, I rescued a box of scrapbooking supplies from storage that haven't been used in years.  Inside, a VersaMagic Chalk Ink pad never opened...until tonight. 

Well, it hadn't dried out and was totally luscious to use!  I applied the actual dew drop ink pad on paper to create flower petals.  It was a bit messy but it stamped very smoothly.  The coverage is great while a bit on the translucent side.  That works very nicely for layering and allows a bit of the background to show through.  The product takes a bit of time to dry, but after drying--it won't rub off. 

I love the richness of this chalk ink and look forward to using it again in future projects.  It is a terrific product!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Telamadera Plaque on Collaged Background

A central elliptical wood plaque (look closely) was created a number of years ago.  A Telamadera technique was used on it (acrylic paint base painted over the wood with fused fabric added and then embellished with decorative elements) with a few coats of varnish -- though still needing more.

So, I took it the center piece out of the garage where it had been stored up until the time I finally decide to complete it.  The next steps included adding many more layers of varnish.  Then, I created a collaged paper background to mimc the central design--but in 2D--to create a mandala like effect.

I'm very happy with the paper colors.  They work perfectly and complement the Telamadera piece very nicely.

A shout out and thank you goes to Alma de la Melena Cox who developed the Telemadera technique and does some very neat work of her own!

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Check out this article!

This article is a well worth reading to learn about the philosophy of the artist and the messages he worked to convey through his tree silhouette art.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Creative Club - Recent Birdhouse Decorating Project

Using magazine images, paint and ModPodge, this is my decorated birdhouse.  It was a delightful Creative Club project done with a group of my creative friends earlier this month.

All the birdhouses were different sizes and shapes.  Mine had hexagonal sides - and each one I decorated with a different background image.  The hexagonal and tiered roof was too much of a challenge to collage, so I added tissue paper for texture and painted over it.  The base (blue wavey pattern) is from a storm image that just seemed to work. 

Two-Page Art Journal Spread - Titled: Medicine For Our Time

What more can be said?