Sunday, December 16, 2007

Interviewed for Article

A writer recently interviewed me for a magazine article she is developing. As part of that interview, I led her in making a fabric postcard to give her a sense of what the non-piecing process of creating in fabric is like. It will be really interesting to read her interpretation of our exchange and the slant she uses to develop a sellable article on the subject.

As a quilter, what do I want people to know about my work?

*What I don't know, may hurt me but then again, may not.
*I can never make the same mistake again, even though I may have a similar opportunity.
*I can be wild and free and still comply with rules.
*My ideas don't stay around long if I think about them, but they do if they're acted upon.
*There is a symbiosis between my idea-making and me (if I allow it); the more I have, the more I make.
*Mistakes are an opportunity to find a hidden treasure.
*Inspiration is a 24-hour activity encompassing delights, disappointments, adventure, failure, grieving, connecting with the cosmos, or a moment of relaxation or amazing awareness.

In all these things, I never fail...I just am. And it shows in my work...somewhere or somehow.

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