Sunday, December 16, 2007

Journal Quilts 2006 - Welcome Home

They arrived beautifully packed this past week. Thank you Houston!! The pieces look amazing to me. I haven't seen them in a long time. Looking at them now, I see a remarkable progression in the quality of my journal quilt work over the last three years. My technique and creativity has evolved!

For anyone who hasn't seen them, here they are along with the month in 2006 they were made and a description of each.

February - 'Starbirth' is based on Judy Dales' curves technique. Two blocks were designed in a finished size of 4.25" x 5.5". Two blocks of each design were then pieced. The identically-shaped blocks are opposite each other on the diagonal. Polydown batting has been used, and the piece is finished with appliqued circles edged with beads.

March - This piece is a representation of a light pole from a personal photograph altered in Photoshop. The piece has a portion of the altered photo printed on fabric in it and incorporates raw-edge applique, Angelina fibers, Shiva Paintstiks and beading. (The purple/ maroon tentacles in the background represent branches of a tree that stood behind the light pole.)

April - This piece began as an exploration of how to create diagonal lines in fabric that meet along a seam. For embellishment, ribbons in a 'v' shape weighted by washers decorated with crystals and complementary beading have been added.

May - This piece is a completely fused top. The experiment in it was the binding which is variegated between the two principal colors of the journal quilt top.

June - This piece is based on the 'French-braided Quilts' technique. There wasn't enough 'braiding' made out of the selected fabrics to cover an entire journal quilt top, so the design was altered to use what was available. The overall image is reminiscent of a Japanese kimono.

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