Sunday, January 13, 2008

thr3fold - Publication

Linda and Laura Kemshall (mother and daughter) and Catherine Nicholis have now produced two editions of 'thr3fold'. For those of you who may not know these names, they are online assessors of City and Guilds qualifications for the DesignMatters centre and they regularly exhibit with the group called 'SiX'.

The publications they've co-authored contain numerous articles on techniques, inspiration, how a quilt develops (development diary) as well as other stuff. Each publication comes with a CD that goes more in depth on each article in the publication. So, if you want to see a technique demonstrated, it is likely to be on the CD.

Overall, the publications are very informative and some of the pieces photographed are stunning! I did notice that some text is printed over background imagery and as a result is more difficult to read though (same with the gray font-colored text). The CD worked in my computer, but the videos have a tendency to not be in sync when played (voice with action). They are still viewable though, and you'll get what you need from them.

These publications offer more technique instruction than what the Kemshall's new book called 'The Painted Quilt' is able to offer. They also must be ordered from England, so the initial charge is in British sterling. My order for the second publication was 22.65L which translated into $45.67 at the time of purchase. These publications are not for traditional quilters! They are for art quilters working 'out-of-the-box' and who are looking for ideas on how to move from creative idea to unique interpretation in a fabric medium.

One of the things I appreciate about the Kemshall's work is how innovative it is. In many cases, they've achieved their stunning results with paint. Yes, paint! Amazing! In thr3fold, I've also been able to see more of their quilting and how they reiterate a painted design through stitching this design in other areas of the quilt with thread the same color as the fabric. This ends up as a ghost image of the painted design, and is a captivating way of creating linkage between the medium of paint and quilting.

I'm keeping the CDs, and am saving portions of the publications that most interested me. Due to studio space issues, I can't keep everything.

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