Friday, March 14, 2008

It Never Rains in Southern California...

...not even during an early spring visit!

While in southern California, Disneyland was a must! It has been over a decade since I visited a Disney theme park, and it was fun getting reacquainted (and there were new things too)! Taking in Santa Barbara was an added delight with its spectacular coastal setting!

The artist in me was a photographer during this adventure. In thinking about the work, it seems that an artist refines his seeing, through whatever technique practiced, by taking opportunities to look for inspiration around himself wherever he is. It is in the refinement of 'seeing' that the artist educates himself about design decisions. In practicing my photography, I looked for the uncommon like lines, curves, etc. I asked myself what could one 'see' in Disneyland and Santa Barbara that would not be a dead giveaway about each location? What are some of the shared images these places have with other places? Some of those images follow:

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