Monday, May 19, 2008

Getting Back on Track!

Jobs can be distractions from making art, and I've been almost completely distracted since a job change late last year. That new work drained my energy for and interest in being creative. I worked too many hours with too much intensity and commitment, and it has taken its toll. With a beautiful studio space and plenty of excellent materials to work with, I haven't been able to get into my creative zone and work. The focus, energy and passion that had been companions in my creative adventure up to the point of that new job all but disappeared. Seven months have passed and there are only two fabric pieces to show for that span of time. Now I recognize...I have been living work, not life!

Things are about to change! Again, there will be a job change, but my creative adventure will be getting back on track because I'm setting the intention that my creative work is priority. The day job will be the day job and will have limits.

It will be interesting to see what new work emerges from this time of distraction and my remembrances of it. What tone will the work have? Will this time move me to a shift in my evolution as an artist? How will that take shape in the imagery of future works? Will I have fresh eyes to see in new ways, or will my current eyes perceive more acutely?

Invitation to My Unconscious: I welcome you, dear companion, to storm the portal of my creativity. Fuel an inextinguishable burning passion in me to work, allow the depths of the unconscious to speak through it, and allow me to be the vehicle in the making of masterful pieces that enrich the world with a special light!

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  1. Cay, It looks like you have a positive outlook on future creativity. If you feel you will overcome your distractions and move onto greater creativity, then you will. Keep positive. Will be looking forward to seeing new work.