Friday, May 16, 2008

Threads - May 2008

Clothes sewing is not part of my repertoire, but I do enjoy looking through this magazine for ideas and skill-building guidelines.

In the latest issue, there were two article of particular interest. One is about costume design for Opera. To volunteer or apprentice for this type of work seems like it would be a great experience!

The other article is about Cirque Productions...the brainchild of Neil Goldberg. This is the place where those incredibly unusual Cirque du Soleil costumes are developed and made. I would love to visit this place! The article also announces a competition for creating a costume design. Cirque Productions will make the winner's costume, and it will premier at an upcoming show in the winner's home city. How cool is that??!!! I'm not a costume designer, but I'd consider entering just for the fun and experience of it!

This brings a couple of questions to mind. Do you try different things to establish or build new skills, or try out other disciplines to see if they hold interest for you? If so, why? If not, why? Aside from potential distraction from your primary art-making work, what is the risk?

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