Sunday, June 29, 2008


There is alot of hand-sewn embellishment in this project. In it's quilting, I did two bird images (wings in air) in the background first. As a result of doing it this way, the fabric got bulky in other areas of the quilt sandwich. So, I had to quilt the remainder of the sandwich (excluding the figure) with small stippling in order to shrink that bulk. In addition, there was bulk to the fabric bird (perched on the hand). Instead of machine quilt it, though, I did a freeform cross-stitch in perle cotton.

This project started in an online design class with Pam Allen. If you don't know Pam's work, it is quite funky and highly embellished. Usually, figures do not look real...they are very Picasso-like in form. In any case--Pam, I hope I've made you proud!

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