Thursday, June 12, 2008

Using a Freehand Drawing as a Quilting Element

I'm working on the quilting of a wall-hanging that has a bird image in it. (The bird is sitting on the hand of a person.) In thinking about how to quilt the piece, I got the idea that it would be neat to quilt a parrot flying in the background in a non-contrasting thread color...sort of a ghostlike image that wouldn't distract from the overall piece.

I found a photo on the internet of a parrot beginning to take off and made a freehand pen drawing of it. Some liberty was taken in abstracting the body/head to simplify the overall image. Then I took a test quilt sandwich (muslin/batting/muslin) and sewed the drawing (again freehand) with feed dogs down. Silver metallic thread was used on top and a colorful cotton (coral) on the bottom. It came out very well!!!

You can see the progression in the photos below from drawing to front and back of stitched test sandwich.

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