Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fast Friday Fabric Challenge - Abstract a Traditional Block

This last group challenge was to take a traditional quilt block and abstract it to create something that is different but still recognizable as a deviation of the inspiration block. My abstraction was on the 'Puss in the Corner' block. To see an image of this traditional block, please visit:

The dice-like squares in my final piece were done with reverse applique and each circle embellished with satin cording. The center strip of fabric is translucent, decorative and non-cotton. So, the lime green cotton fabric below backlights that fabric's design.

The turquoise flowers were an addition at the end of the project because something was needed to pull the piece together. I've received a few comments that they look like something you'd see on a showgirl. That was not the intention. The red fabric strips were originally intended to be added to the top of the center fabric at the bottom interior corner of each dice square. But I forgot to add them when doing the seam. Reason? Because this was not a normal seam with two pieces of fabric sewn right sides together with a seam allowance. The two pieces were sewn right-side-up at the raw edge and there is no seam allowance. So, I added the strips to the center of the green slice of fabric. This didn't stand alone well. Something was still needed to unify the gamut of colors used in the piece (yellow, turquoise, reddish magenta and lime green). I auditioned a number of fabrics and shape ideas, and liked how the flowers worked. The flower theme is echoed in the stitching around the dice circles (if you zoom in on the photo).

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