Saturday, September 6, 2008

Juror's Comments

I've just read two blog entries by jurors of a quilt show and their experience of being jurors. One of them, Virginia Spiegel, was describing her process and thoughts. Here is a brilliant excerpt from that post:

"Show me [quilt theme] as I have never seen them before. Make me laugh, make me sigh, make me mad, make me curious, make me recoil, make me lust after your work. I’ve seen generic; I’ve seen obvious. Show me specific, show me your world, your point of view, your emotion. Use what is in your culture, your location, your space, your experience. Your artwork will be unique and it will stand out."

Read this phenomenal statement over and over again, deeply ponder it and then get to work on creating with the intensity she is calling for. It is a level of creation with true and intense passion, and it is what separates mundane works from those that excel and excite!

This is my strive to bring the type of passion Virginia describes above into every square inch of my work!

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  1. Cay, This is so true. Love the finished Siters piece. I think it deffinely fits Virginia's criteria for great art.