Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cameron Carpenter - Liberace at the Organ

NPR did a recent article on Cameron Carpenter, a young and talented pipe organist, who has the ability to play a broad range of musical styles on this instrument. You wouldn't think a pipe organ could be versatile enough to include soft jazz, but Cameron makes it so. He has a flambouyant style and is a young master of expanding the traditional range of a pipe organ.

For people who don't know anything about the pipe organ, it has multiple keyboards for the hands to play and another keyboard of pedals that the feet play. By clicking on this post's title, you'll be taken to the NPR link where you can view Cameron's performance of a classical piece (Chopin's "Revolutionary Etude") in which he uses his feet to play the notes that would normally be played by the left hand. You'll also see why I've referred to him as Liberace at the Organ.

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