Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New 2009!

It is a new year...a time for beginnings. Its an opportunity to refresh, reframe or remake ourselves, our attitudes, behaviors and/or choices. So, what will we sow/sew in this new year and what will we reap?

Well, I plan to be busy!

Art Goals:

*Work on improving my quilting skills by quilting one muslin sandwich every two weeks
*Finish a memory quilt in progress
*Complete a series of art quilts (series minimum: 3 pieces)
*Have my work (quilting and photography) published in appropriate magazine venues
*Enter 4 quilt competitions with new work made this year
*Sell 3 pieces
*Read 4 quilting books
*Go to the International Quilt Festival in October
*Become a member of IQA
*Watch my Quilting Art Workshop videos (7 of them) and use at least two techniques/ideas in a project this year
*Pre-wash my entire stash of cotton fabric
*Have my website layout updated

Hopefully, these are reasonable and achievable. There is no sense to create goals that are overwhelming. It can be difficult to get a start on any of them, if we feel overwhelmed by their number or the amount of work involved.

May your goals in this new year be reasonable, based on your circumstances, and achievable, based on the time you envision being available to work at them!

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  1. Ho Cay. Great set of goals. I still need to write mine down.