Saturday, January 24, 2009

Metamorphosis Challenge

I'm working on a challenge piece which is to use a vintage quilt/block as inspiration. The instructions are to think deeply about what the quilt/block says to you and use this as inspiration to reinterpret the vintage quilt pattern or block into a vision for today.

I decided to use this log cabin block as my inspiration:

What does this block design say to me? The block's motion goes around and around and around. This led me to think about spirals, which then led to thinking about galaxies and red dwarf stars. What if I did a spiral out of different size and overlapping squares? What if it had raised red reverse applique circles to represent red dwarfs and smaller white ones to represent white dwarfs? What if I mirrored my fabric representation of a spiral galaxy?

This morning, the work began. I started by making a fabric weave. Then I cut out my abstract impression of a spiral galaxy with its mirror image from that weave. This is where I am so far. It is now tacked to my design wall over black fabric. I think the quilting of the piece will be where the motion truly comes alive by using bright colored thread and dramatic arcs of stitching. Should be fun and dynamic when done!

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  1. Can't wait to see the finished piece. I passed on this challenge since I have never done anything traditional.