Sunday, February 22, 2009

Suggested Photography Exhibition

I took an all-day photography class yesterday. Each of the 17 students received a critique of their work based on a portfolio of up to 30 images everyone had been invited to bring.

The instructor has suggested that I do an exhibition of my photographs. validating! My photos are non-traditional (just like my 'quilt' work) as well as dramatic. The question would be whether the photography and quilt work could be mixed in a show, or if it would be better to keep the two art forms separate. (The instructor does not know I do quilt work.) Since there are different markets for the two types of art work, it may make more sense to keep them separate. I should mention that my husband's work was also critiqued in yesterday's class, and he was told he is also ready for a show, and that we could do a joint one if we wanted. We were the only students in the class that the suggestion of a show was made to.

Now I have a new door to think about stepping through with a willing teacher who has appeared (because a student is ready). Will I take that step and if so, where would I want it to lead? For my husband, those are questions only he can answer. But it would be intriguing to journey together on a more intentional creative path that we both enjoy more informally already!

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  1. Cay, This is really cool! I love your photos. Also thanks for sending the article about the leather artist. I have thought about going to a thrift store to get materials but haven't done it yet...