Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Exhibit in Buenos Aires: 'The Arcana in Silk' by Silke

As a memento from a recent trip, a friend brought me a wonderful series of cards called "The Major Arcana" that show the textile work of Silke currently on exhibition at the National Museum of Decorative Art in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My friend loved the exhibit! The images of the work are stunning and evocative. There is great texture in the pieces. While one might think the work is made of silk (because of the exhibit name), I'm not so sure they are.

If any of you have seen this exhibition and/or know of the artist and her work, I'd love to hear more about her! To link to Silke's website, just click on this post's title.

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  1. She is a silk fabric artist who uses other materials on occasion in the design. Many are natural fibers other than silk. She is Austrian born in 1943 and immigrated to Argentina in 1945.