Sunday, August 23, 2009

Great new book! Charlotte Ziebarth has done what I hoped she would (after seeing her art quilts) which is to create a how-I-did-it book. She provides the guidelines on how to 'play' with your photographs in Photoshop to digitally alter them for printing on fabric and then using that fabric in the creation of unique art quilts.

The book itself is easy to read and beautifully photographed. Also, the steps for using Photoshop's layers to create the kinds of images the author uses in her quilts were clear and photographs were used to further illustrate the results of each step. It is interesting that the photos used in the authors works haven't been the best in terms of focus or quality, but they have served to create wonderfully etheric forms and effects for the author's fabric art pieces.

The author's goal for the book is to inspire readers to play with their photographs in Photoshop. Well, I'm inspired and planning to do just that!

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