Monday, January 18, 2010

Ringling College - Business Degree for Artists

In the current issue of Art Calendar, there is a neat article about a new four-year degree in the Business of Art and Design (at Ringling College)!

The program was apparently conceived based on the fact that today, most successful artists need to have well-developed creative minds as well as logical, left-brain skills with the ability to use both. The idea of 'starving artist' -- no more.

The curriculum sounds challenging, even to this business major. It includes marketing, finance, and project management in addition to arts classes. It even has electives that include museum curating and managing creatives. I'd be really interested in this program, if I were going for a BA now!

All courses have been 're-cast' to incorporate arts-related case studies and exercises, etc. For example, there's a leadership class that studies Cirque du Soleil and its growth over the last 25 years, core values, and long-term objectives.

What an educational concept...I love it!

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