Sunday, June 24, 2012

17 Blocks - left to quilt, then bind!

This project is just about complete...yippee! It is not my best piece by a long shot. But it was a first attempt of creating a two-sided quilted wall side, a busy one, and the other side, a quiet one.

The important discussion point for this post is that I've had this UFO (unfinished project) stashed for many years. Why I've left it incomplete is a mystery. It could have been being overwhelmed with the quilting I'd have to do given that the basting job was not a good one. It could have been that there was going to be too much material to feed through the harp of my machine to be able to quilt it well. It could have been that I couldn't see my way to a design idea for the quilting. It could have been that I'm not especially in love with the piece. It could have been a combination of these things.

So, when you have a piece that you struggle with the completion of, what is that stuggle about?

I'm taking a quilting video series right now about how to finish big projects on a small machine. Maybe that's what I've needed to get busy and complete some old (to me) projects so that I can begin new pieces without back-burner guilt!

By the way, there are also a few others that languish in the unfinished zone that you may be seeing shortly as well because they too, are calling out for completion. I wouldn't have the heart to pass these on to others to complete because they came through me for a reason. I may not know that reason now, but I still want to exercise and improve upon my ability to see through being stumped, inadequate to a task or intention, or the lack of confidence due to size of a piece. Or for any other reason that is discovered while working on them.

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