Friday, June 29, 2012

What inspiration is to me

Inspiration Photo taken by Cay Denise, June 2012

Inspiration to me is something that touches one deeply and to such a degree that it expands a viewer's mind and/or soul. What I mean is that at the times I've been inspired, the inspiration gave me the ability to look beyond what my imagined concepts of such things as clever, fun, unique, powerful, sad, beautiful, etc. are. Through that inspiration, my creative imagination was fueled, and it led to a broadening of what my creative work accomplished.

That said, inspiration can tickle the soul, or lead to a softening of emotional pain. It can open your heart to the desire to create something because of your love for-- or the meaning you draw from-- that which has inspired you. It can be a (figurative) door that suddenly opens because of an idea or the confidence you gain of how to move through it -- that has been sparked by inspiration.

Inspiration may make you laugh or cry. It may peak your excitement or your questioning. It may make you want to wander in a new creative direction. A piece of art, as inspiration, may make you feel like you have a companion (in the artist) across time and/or space who understands what you think or feel like no one else does.

Simply...inspiration, to me, is the experience of gaining a deep connection with something outside myself that is the basis for my own expanded creative activity.

So, what does inspiration mean to you?

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