Saturday, July 7, 2012

Another UFO - In Process of Finishing

You may have seen this piece in a previous post. It appeared in a Quilting Arts TV segment on completing UFOs a couple of years ago. In this segment series, a guest quilt artist provided suggestions on how to complete pieces submitted by artists who felt stuck on incomplete projects. The suggestions I received from the guest quilt artist who worked up a solution for this piece didn't move me to complete it in the suggested way, even though her suggestions were quite good.

This piece is reminiscent of Hundertwasser. So, I've looked at images of his work online and see that he combined rectangles and lines with circles quite effectively. So, I started to think about what could be done with circles in this piece. The idea used to complete it was to add circular floral-like elements that have a corded stem and then fully wrapped with a different colored cording. I'm pleased with the outcome!

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