Sunday, October 13, 2013

Piece in Progress - Now Complete!

It has been some time since I've produced fabric art, and I think I got a bit intimated about doing the work and that's why I procrastinated in finishing it.

This is my response to Challenge #82 from my Fast Friday group.  It was to choose an 'Old West' painter and create a piece based on abstracting the inspiration image.  My inspiration image is 'Indian Maiden at Stockade' by Charles Marion Russell done in 1892 (see first image below).

I took a more simplistic cubist approach to abstract the elements of the maiden.  A photo of the abstraction and template cut-outs is also shown below.  I like how the piece came out even though it is more minimal than I thought it would be.  All comments are welcome!

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  1. OOOhhhh, this is cool!!! Add her shadow, and separate the wall from the ground. (My two cents!)


  2. Wow. This is very cool. I love your take on this image.