Saturday, March 28, 2015

Creative Group today!

What fun to get together with a lovely, small creative group of special women friends!  It is usually a quarterly meet-up at one of our homes that includes some light munchies followed by a creative activity.  That day was today!

We had some wonderful food (asparagus soup, watermelon cake, and crackers and baba ghanoush).  Thanks go to our wonderful hostess, Karen, for the lovely meal as well as thinking up the special creative activity!

After lunch, we went on to make dreamcatchers.  I recently did a painted, multi-media dreamcatcher, but today's was a bit different.  We started with a ring that was wound with fiber and then used a needle and silk thread with intermittent beads to create the spider web effect in its center.  Once done, that was decorated with feathers and beads, etc.

What a neat project to do as a gift -- and include a bit about the history of dreamcatchers!


  1. Hi Cay, I just found your site via your comment on my blog and I have been having such fun looking around here. Your work is very interesting and exciting.