Saturday, March 21, 2015

Face Drawing Progression

I'm working my way through Jane Davenport's 'Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces' new book (published 2015).  Jane is a former fashion illustrator, now artist and creates amazing, whimsical and beautifully-shaded faces!  She is also a great and enthusiastic instructor!

I'm excited to be learning from Jane though I'm not at her skill level by any means.  Her sentiments would be practice, practice, practice.  So, I'm practicing today!  She also prefers people work with a colored pencil rather than graphite so distraction is minimized (limits erasing and trying to achieve perfection right away).

These photos show a progressive drawing -- just finished -- having taken a risk to see what I could do.  Some work is needed in blending the colors used for shading as well as blending the transition areas between shadow and light to minimize abruptness. It will also be helpful to look more closely at real faces to see their typical highlight and shadow areas -- so that those more realistic qualities --that create depth-- are brought into future drawings.

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