Saturday, January 30, 2016

Going a Totally Different Direction is Striking Out on One's Own Path

I've just read my posts over the last six months and have found a telling comment in most of them where my art work from the Life Book program has been posted.

What I've said in most of those posts is that my piece took off in a different direction than the lesson. Apology? Excuse? Justification?

What it reflects is that I approach the lessons as a launching pad to explore techniques and create a piece that reflects the lesson concept, even though it may not imitate the art instructor's piece.  THAT IS OK!  I think I've believed that it wasn't -- but no longer -- my unique voice is already coming through.

So, what I commit to from now on -- is to NOT SAY that my piece went in a totally different direction than the lesson (because each one will).  I WILL start acknowledging my take on each and every lesson is my own distinct voice!

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