Thursday, March 31, 2016

Creative Club does 'Letting Go' Round Robin

I'm part of a local creative club that got together for a recent art-making adventure, and what an adventure we had!

Our theme for the day's effort was letting go -- because one of our group members moved out of the area and this was our first time meeting without her.  We started out with a blank piece of paper twice as big as the one pictured.  Over the course of our arting day, we collaged, laughed, painted, talked about memories, had lunch, let our efforts dry, and then...we cut the color-filled large piece in two.

Each person then chose which side they would keep and finish for themselves and which one they would pass to the next person in the group to be decorated.  Each piece being decorated in this way was passed on until all members had the chance to work on it.  Then it returned to its original creator and would go home with her as well as the other unfinished side.

Our day was filled with acts of letting go as part of the project.  From imagery in the collage one may have wanted to keep that ended up disappearing, to splitting the paper in two and passing one side on letting go of what would result.

It was an amazing process that everyone found quite insightful and thoroughly enjoyed.  Beyond that, it was so fun to see the results!

Project was inspired by a class module offered by Tamara Laporte from Willowing Arts Ltd. For more information about Life Book 2016, visit this link:

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