Saturday, June 4, 2016

Life Book 2016 - Week 20 Lesson Completed!

For this lesson, we were to create an unplanned acrylic background as a foundation. Using a classical pencil drawing of a face, we were to then create a watercolor face over it.  

I re-painted a background page  that hadn't been used.  When dry, I added a coat of clear gesso to apply the watercolor pencil on, because I didn't think they would work well directly on the acrylic.  I didn't like how that worked.  So, I totally took off the watercolor pencil with baby wipes (since the surface was still damp) and started over.  This second effort came out much better though I can see in the photo that the right eye is somewhat mis-shapen, even though the piece still works.

I 'm going to do another one using a drawing of Shakespeare as my inspiration.  We'll see how that one turns out.  For the next one, I wont use the clear gesso and see how the watercolor pencils work without it.

This piece was created through a class offered by Tamara Laporte from Willowing Arts Ltd. For more information, visit this link:

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