Sunday, September 18, 2016

Batik print from melted Crayons!

Our Creative Club had such fun yesterday using melted crayons to make neat batik prints!  I had never done that before but one of our group had--and it was she who led this group get together activity.  Thank you, Karen!

The crayons had to be quite hot (and fully melted) for the wax to be painted on 100% white cotton and fully penetrate the fabric (to the back side) before immersing in a short dye bath and rinsing.  In the painting process, some of the wax caked on...but no problem.  That was taken care of by ironing the print (after the dye bath and rinse) sandwiched between clean newspapers to take the extra wax off and moisture out.

We used a black dye bath and it really reduced the vibrancy of my painted crayon design.  So, I've painted elements of the print with Setacolor and Lumiere fabric paints plus emphasized details that had gotten lost with a black Marvy/Uchida Fabric Marker.  Voila!

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